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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What's Going On?....Spring Has Sprung Wide Open

Hey,...This is fun...gigs, gigs everywhere. Spring of 2015 is just amazing! I'm writing down dates as fast as I can....The world has descovered BARTLETT ON BASS.
So, what's on the books anyway?
O.K....I'm gonna show you a sample of the next two months below...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Here's The UPComing Events...That 'They'll' Let Me Talk Aboutl

There's three upcoming events in September 2014.
1.] GROVE STREET BREWHOUSE on Sunday, Sept. 21st in Shelton, WA., BARTLETT helps host that fun jazz jam. Starts 'round 2 in the afternoon, gos to 'bout 5:30.
2.] RYTHYM AND RYE, on Monday, Sept. 22nd in Olympia, WA. BARTLETT in DON COHEN JAZZ QUARTET. 8 pm.
3.] OLYMPIA FARMER's MARKET, on Saturday, Sept. 27th in Olympia, WA.  in The 'C' Notes, 11 am
4.] STONEGATE RUM AND PIZZA BAR, on Saturday, Sept. 27th in Tacoma, WA. in SASS, 9pm.

First posted on BARTLETT ON BASS...Sept. 3rd, 2014.

Ya....Whata Night..MUSIC Just Makes Everything Better
Bartlett rehearsing, by J.A. Rose-Bartlett cc
Music here...there and everywhere. We're working up more tunes...old favorites with some new tunes thrown in for good measure. WOW....how can life get any better than that? Well, it can't that's all.
pause...Oh Boy....I'm just itching to say more...BUT, I promised to be good. BUMMER.
Anyway, I can tell ya 'bout the very cool music stuff that my hubby, Steve BARTLETT ON BASS and I have been doing lately and what's on the horizon, or coming up. [just remember...that this is NOT all that's coming up....there's even MORE...: > D...yeah, but, I promised to not say anything 'til, it's all ready,] You know...now that I really think 'bout what I've done. I'll NEVER do THAT again...and, THAT's a promise....SMILE, there, I'll fix that right now. 'Just tell me, will ya, how can anyone expect ME to keep my mouth shut?.. just ain't fair, is it?' See, I'm right...'Naw-nee, Naw-nee, Naw-nee [spell]'. Jan.
O.K.....Now that I've taking care of THAT bit of nasty business...let's get onto the fun stuff...MUSIC.
Here's video links to some of the tunes that BARTLETT and I are doing...anyway, we both have headphones on, I'm doing the easy part...finding the tunes. He's learning them. Just amazes me how he does that...musicians can hear a pin drop....for real. Just proving, once again, that ALL musicians are geniuses.
NOW, I'll go find those video links and practice keeping quiet. WOW...Amazing, I hear NOTHING, I've never experienced this before. sounds funny. Jan
1.] IT ALL WENT DOWN THE DRAIN '97, by Boz Scaggs , by Ted Ziffer    Steve's singing this one too. Jan
2.] SAY SOMETHING, by Great, Big World, Christine Aguilera, by AGreatBigWorldVEVO
3.] JOSIE, by Steely Dan, by shootthepump
4.] COMPARED TO WHAT, by Les McCann, Eddie Harris, by Peter Menard
5.] COMPARED TO WHAT, by Brian Auger, byBluedreams    Steve wants to hear both versions
6.] YOU WERE NEVER MINE, by Delbert McClinton, by TexassMisfit
7.] VALDEZ IN THE COUNTRY, by Cold Blood, by Jerry Sorn
8.] AT LAST, by Etta James, by Preppy52
9.] OUT OF THE RAIN, by Etta James, by rrlichtlein
10.] OUT OF THE RAIN, by Shelly Ely, Big Nasty, by Merri Sutton.... Got to hear BLUZZZ QUEEN, SHELL's version, wonderful  photos by Merri Peterson Sutton.


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